“Right to Work” Wins on Two Counts

The Epigram:

  1. No one read a philosopher ‘at didn’t know God,
  2.       All explained much of the external; what we are: beings;
  3.          Think Einstein or better yet Spinoza–truly God’s “working.”
  4. Go figure: Society is movement and trajectory,
  5.             Knowledge is by essence that illumination;
  6.      The people are more and more educated, decade by decade, look and see!
  7. The year of our Lord; 2100, demands that 50 percent,
  8.      Of workers own a Master’s degree–verily; imagine.
  9.         Imagine with me, and together; hear that cat’s purring;
  10.              All demands are out of the bag from the beginning.
  11. “Right to Work” is excellent legislation,
  12.     Because all educated workers rationally are frustrated,
  13.       “Humanely, ethically; in these republican lands,
  14.         We deserve unlimited sick days, 2 months vacation,
  15.         And above all: the legitimate right to bargain!
  16.             With both our company boss and union representative!” We are free!
  17. Of course, in 2012, the Workers might rationally get it;
  18.       It is in there pocketbook interest to be a free-rider
  19.             “Only fools pay for it!” Forget to believe in your community!
  20. Of course, the ending isn’t hilarious…. the chatty professor begins to rant:
  21.  Self-interest makes “Right to Work” states collapse their union membership,
  22.    Because every rational and ignorantly selfish person would opt out of union dues,
  23.      Free-riding and letting others pay for the experienced entrepreneur–
  24.           To negotiate for all the workers, as the units of production, as Capital;
  25.                But after a few years this expert is fired; since,
  26.                  The workers thought free-riding was a bargain!
  27. Of course, the alternate enlightened ending is worth pondering…
  28.       Enlightened self-interest (you learned during your Master’s degree);
  29.           All workers would continue to pay Union dues indefinitely,
  30.              In a Right to Work state–unless;
  31.                  The union boss was a disaster and a mess.
  32.              Where union bosses are elected by the due payers;
  33.                   Responsible for openly bargaining with, by, and for the workers,
  34.                          Because of the workers’ legitimate demands in the decisional show.
  35.              So, when enlightened, on both counts; the workers win bargaining:
  36.                    (1) Better conditions via the CEO and Board,
  37.                        And (2) better conditions via the union entrepreneur.
  38.               But when unenlightened, which has been a very common show these days, like 2012;
  39.                      Workers let the union collapse, and then, you know,
  40.                        They become arbitrarily subject to other market workers, forces, owners, free-loaders.
  41. But, perhaps, perchance: By 2200, your great-great-great-great,
  42.     Great grandchildren–will have in earnest real healthcare;
  43.         40 days of sick leave, 40 days of ‘cation– “the job requires it!”
  44.         1 Year maternity leave–for both ‘rents; “so stay at home;
  45.              We’ll pay you to get another job-appropriate certificate online–you bet!”
  46.         And those young whipper-snappers, now turning 40; truly a majority,
  47.                Are celebrating the accomplishment of their Master’s degree!
  48. Yet, unfortunately, the workers, ‘specially circa 2012; “we just don’t have time,”
  49.      And CEOs and Boards haven’t figured correctly that ’tis in their interest,
  50.           To give people time off and continue their education…
  51.      And citizens haven’t figured correctly that ’tis in their collective interest,
  52.             For taxes to pay the University system to expand as much as it can…
  53.                  Even in paying the students!
  54. What is this other than a double-whammy?!
  55.            An elixir of Ignorance and Irony!
  56. So to finish: the end; it’s easy to pass ideological legislation,
  57.    And letting the enlightened and the unenlightened experiment;
  58.     To see who owns–who will sacrifice–for the rights and liberties; of Americans!

***This epigram is in response to “Right to Work” legislation being passed in Michigan today.


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