Ode to “conservative” professors

The interlude: Conservatives like to advocate state’s rights, say healthcare; and they admonish big government, say Obamacare. Of course, this makes that campaign to be a Republican President all the more difficult… “hey voter–I think the best option for the President to solve healthcare is to let the States solve it! Vote for me to be President to fix our healthcare system in America!”

More seriously, when I think of a conservative professor–I think:

  1. Follow the eternal moral order, like Plato’s soul,
  2.     Dedicated to the common Good,
  3.       The Good like Christ; for Christ’s sake,
  4.           The moral order, do not heed–be bold!
  5.  Hear, every young Chap and Lass,
  6.     ‘member to respect your mother’s Good sense,
  7.         don’t reinvent the wheel! My friend…
  8.       ’cause when you take a pound of prudence,
  9.       to find a government solution–a point of departure; ‘member,
  10.  Natural inequality will always be there,
  11.     Tons of thousands of dedicated and unique entrepreneurs,
  12.         Are our nation’s real contributors–and must see wealth!
  13.  ‘Member that we are not innocent, by nature, by God;
  14.     and so we are often ignorant of God’s angles–
  15.   Just imagine all those entrepreneurial positions!
  16.  ‘Call, if you can’t earn property, then “freedom” isn’t free!
  17.  You live under authoritarian decrees!
  18.  See, you’re free as much as you please,
  19.     As much as no one is treading upon thee.
  20.  At the end of the day–be sure your government hasn’t “evolved”
  21.     ‘better not look like the Beast from Revelations!
  22.  For when real conservatives are livin’ big,
  23.      in every community in the city and state,
  24.          That’s the local change we want to see take place;
  25.  Conservative wo/man, where happiness is consuming,
  26.        Every individual’s “outer order of the commonwealth.”1
  27. Does conservative thought, this essence of Americanism–agree?
  28.        Yes?  Then cheers, and let’s drink to our health! To thee!


This poem is based from: http://www.kirkcenter.org/index.php/detail/ten-conservative-principles


3 thoughts on “Ode to “conservative” professors

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