Ode to “republican” professors

The interlude: “He’s a republican professor, by God!”

Explanation: I have 123 undergraduate credits (PTCD @ James Madison College, Michigan State), a Master of Arts in Teaching (social studies at Wayne State), and 61 additional graduate political science / methodology credits (Wayne State)… so I have seen a lot of political science professors in action–and there are a few republican ones.

This interlude came to me after reflecting on what a good person [who I would argue is a classic Tea Partier] recently told me, “All [political science] professors are liberals!”

In my judgment, since I am talking about an old friend here, I would say that the liberal professors harangued upon by my friend are actually utopian professors. I mean, their obvious “position-takings” are actually not the essence of liberalism at all–but of utopian thought. They articulate the arguments of the utopian core. Now, I take small offense to the claim by my friend, because when I take positions in class; I take republican positions–which also contain no trace elements of liberalism, but admonishes liberal neutrality to observable [horrible] economic inequality. So far I’ve got you on two counts of exaggeration, my friend. Enjoy the interlude–and ode!

Ode to republican professors:

Ya treat all the people ‘ith dignity;

Ya help those by givin’ opportunities;

Fo’ others to help them completely;

Earn the ‘cation of ‘re dreams!


4 thoughts on “Ode to “republican” professors

  1. Ode to conservative professors by liberal professors:
    Ye concepts and precepts are outdated
    Marx is king, the individual spririt is swallowed up
    Government is master, people are dangerous
    Equality we seek so that every man be poor
    We are the elite, you know nothing
    We control speech, we control ideas, we are everything to you
    Ya, dope them up, change their thinking, give them a pittance to survive
    For they are totally dependent on us
    And let us delight in lofty thoughts of utopia and congratulate each other
    And mock the conservative professor as being insane whose ideas will never work
    Let the skyfall and point our fingers at the antiquated conservative professor
    Feel no sympathy for the conservative professor, and yea, bury him and his ideas with no remorse.

    • We know what is best for you.
      Welcome the new benevelont dictatorship
      We are progressive and we deserve your worship and loyalty,
      Amen and amen.
      Is it raining outside? It is if we say it is.
      George Orwell books shall be forever banned.

  2. yet, oh yea, the republican professor [small r];
    sees individuals contributing in their local communities, in so far,
    as a republican government accepts all factions–even one’s without hearts.

    see a republican govenment is what your fournders intentioned,
    even though there was much slavery, as mentioned,
    in the constitution, my friend.

    Seems “liberal professors” to you, dear sir, are a punching bag–
    For you really see professors as “authoritarians” to collect;
    For you to admonish as ridiculous.

    Say, I have not seen many authoritarian professors, really;
    but I certainly have seen many liberal ones–indeed!
    Please recall–a liberal professor promotes capitalism and democracy!

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