Researching Political Campaigns

In every election, someone wins. In order to determine why Candidate A won, political scientists may look to campaigns. The campaign is a multi-faceted phenomena that: (1), disperses information which does structure vote decisions (Alverez 1997; Gelman and King 1993; Holbrook 1996; Joslyn 1990; Popkin 1991); (2), impacts hard and soft issues (Carmines and Stimson 1980); (3), reinforces the retrospective model (Key 1966; Fiorina 1981); (4), may be observable upon the spectrum of ideology or issue (Downs 1957; Rabinowitz and MacDonald 1989); (5), exposes the party identification model (Campbell et al. 1960); (6) expresses the legislators commitment to or independence from national party programs (i.e., surety model) (Grynaviski 2010). Thus campaigns produce observable phenomenon.


2 thoughts on “Researching Political Campaigns

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