Graphing Language Use Through American History

The graphs illustrate how many times certain words were used from 1750 to 2000 in over 5.2 million books[R1]  (Quantitative Analysis of Culture Using Millions of Digitized Books, 2011) (i.e. Google N-Gram). I am not arguing anything here. This is just some data to think about.

 Virtue is More Popular Today!

Let’s Talk About Liberalism After Circa 1910

“Democracy” Takes off Circa 1910!

I have a lot to say about these graphs, but I will do so at a future time. Like, think about culture.

[R1]  [E.g. A Reader’s Comment] You should explore  prominent speeches, party platforms, books, etc –and explore the content of how different words are used. It would be interesting to compare use of liberalism and republicanism during  different political periods –Founding, Anti-Slavery, Reconstruction,  the Progressive Era, etc—You could focus on presidents, or compare Presidential addresses with those of activists –unions, peace movement, anti-war etc – GREAT STUFF HERE!


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