Comment More Often [Evangelical Church and Gays]

You can’t surf all day, at least not in my age. So during this respite, I took the time to comment upon an issue of salience [political scientists love this word].

Barnwell’s Story

Barnwell said the church on 11 Mile Road is conservative by most standards, but is taking a stand against the harsh mistreatment of the gay community. “We wouldn’t be going forward if I didn’t have universal support from the board and I got it,” he said.

Eighty percent of the profits from ticket and ad sales will be donated to The Trevor Project, a nonprofit agency that in 1998 started the first 24-hour suicide prevention hotline for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth as well as those questioning their sexual orientation.

Fourteen years and 200,000 crisis calls later, the organization also provides guidance and resources for educators and parents.

“When Pastor Bill Barnwell called, it was the first time I got a request for a fundraiser from an Evangelical church,” said Kevin Holt, a development associate who ensures benefits for the agency are in line with its mission.

My Comment to Barnwell’s Story [ there were 11 previos comments]

If this was about Jesus’s opinion, then no one would tell someone for what they should be dammed. Blasphemy 101. Also, Jesus kept the woman from being stoned. This is akin to what Barnwell is saying. As for me, if a gay friend(s) of mine asked me to come to his/her wedding(s)–I would go. My status quo family would go. Without humility, there is no grace.

Some political science articles (i.e., evidence worth considering ):  here     here       here 


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